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Become a Lekkturer!

Add Lekkturer to your resume! Apply to become a student ambassador for Lekka Burger, where you’ll share your love for plant-based, earth-friendly choices across social media channels.

Applications are open through November 30, 2022, for our 2023 spring semester program.

Apply today!

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Lekkturer to-dos:

● Visit Lekka Burger twice per month with friends

● Post an IG Reel and/or TikTok twice per month

● Post IG story frames when visiting Lekka Burger

● Engage with Lekka Burger’s content

Lekkturer rewards:

● Discount codes to share with your fellow classmates

● $50 gift cards to Lekka Burger, twice per month

● Lekka Burger branded merchandise

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