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Better for the planet

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Lekka burgers produce 98%
less acidifying pollution than beef burgers.
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Lekka burgers produce 98% less water-polluting compounds than a beef burger.
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A Lekka burger requires 97% less land than a beef burger.
Making a Lekka burger generates

.08 KG

of greenhouse gasses.
Making a beef burger generates

4.4 KG

of greenhouse gasses, a major contributor to climate change.
A single beef burger creates


more water-polluting compounds than a Lekka burger

Andrea Kerzner was born in South Africa and raised amongst some of the world's leading hospitality brands. She founded Lalela, an arts education nonprofit serving over 5,000 at-risk youth in Sub-Saharan Africa. Climate change is something she’s seen up close and personal and with her hospitality background to guide her she decided to start Lekka Burger to overcome the damage and negative carbon footprint created by the cattle and dairy industry. Andrea passionately supports a vegan lifestyle and is active on issues concerning the sustainability of life on earth